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Creating a page in SharePoint is a great way to communicate ideas or information to your team.

  1. From your site, select New > Page.

  2. Choose a template and select Create page.

  3. Select the title to edit the text.

  4. Select Change image to choose a new image. You can also choose a new focal point for that image.

  5. Select the plus sign to add a new section and choose the layout you want for that section.

  6. Select the plus sign within the section and choose a web part.

    After you insert a web part, you can edit and customize it however you want.

  7. To delete a web part or section, select it and choose Delete.

  8. When you're done, select Save as draft if you're not ready to publish yet or select Publish.

  9. Select Promote to help others find your page.

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