Create an internal product launch site in SharePoint

SharePoint enables organizations to find solutions to common business problems using ready-made web parts and applications. Your unique business scenarios will determine the type of site and web parts that will be used. Use the story below to see how different types of roles and departments within any organization can work together to meet the needs of their users and business objectives. 

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Scenario: An organization need to prepare internal stakeholders and support teams on the details around a new product launch

Mike is a marketing manager who is preparing for the launch of a new product. He already works with several internal stakeholders like product engineering, customer support, and retail. They agree that a shared space to prepare the rest of the organization for the upcoming product launch is the right solution.

Scenario goals:

  • Establish one source of information truth to ensure employees fully understand the product details

  • Enable employees to evangelize the new product and speak confidently about the product internally and externally

  • Equip employees with marketing-approved visual assets that can be shared externally

  • Provide access to product resources, training, events, and answer product questions

Steps to create the site:

Plan the site - 1/2 day

Mike knows he needs to get the entire organization excited and prepared to support this new product. He meets with subject matter experts - like the engineering team, product team, and support team - to validate the content that needs to be on the site. Then, he works to collect site assets like approved product images, logos, marketing materials, and training guides.

Mike decides to create a SharePoint communication site to reach all employees in the organization. 

Build the site - 2 days

Mike builds a SharePoint communication site using web parts that will engage and inform his audience. He focuses on designing the site in a way that's visually pleasing, interactive, and easy to use. Mike knows that his audience will likely access the new product launch site on a mobile device, so using SharePoint communication sites his site will also be optimized for smartphones. 

Manage the site - Ongoing

  • Mike views site usage regularly to understand how many employees visit the site and what content is popular

  • Using the Forms web part, a survey is embedded into the site's page to gather feedback on the product training's effectiveness

  • As the product evolves over time, Mike continues to use the site to inform employees about product updates and milestones


  • Increased readiness as compared to previous product launch announcements 

  • Increased the support team's effectiveness and ability to support customers as they adopt the new product

  • Decreased the amount of product related meetings and emails after the site's launch while increasing productivity

  • Increased organizational awareness and excitement of the upcoming product launch

  • Increased the number of employees promoting the upcoming launch of the new product via their social media activity

New product launch site:

New product launch site

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