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Electronic Business Cards make it easier to create, view, and share contact information in Outlook. An Electronic Business Card displays contact information similar to a paper business card. You can create an Electronic Business Card from new information or from contact information that you already have in Outlook.

Create an Electronic Business Card

The first step is to choose the card layout and background. Then, add pictures or graphics. Finally, add the contact fields that you want to appear on the Electronic Business Card.

  1. Select People in the Navigation bar. Depending on your version of Outlook, your Navigation bar might say People or only display the People icon People.
    Select the People icon to see your contacts.

  2. In the top left corner of the Outlook window, click New Contact.
    Select New Contact to create a new contact.

  3. In the contact form, double-click the business card to open the Edit Business Card box.
    Double-click the Electronic Business Card to edit it.

  4. Under Card Design, click the Layout list arrow and then click a layout from the list. A Text Only layout is available for a card with has no picture, logo, or other image.
    You can select several different default layouts for your business card.

  5. If you want a background color for the card, click Background, and then click a color.

  6. If you want to add an image, such as a picture or company logo, use the image options to add, size, and position the image.
    You can add an image to your Electronic Business Cards.

    Note: To delete the default or other image on the card, select Text Only in the Layout list. To remove all added information and start over, click Reset Card.

  7. Under Fields, double-click a contact field that you want to add.

    • To remove a field from the card, click the field, and then click Remove.

    • To add empty line spaces, click the field above where you want the empty area, click Add, and then click Blank Line.

      Tip: By default, empty line spaces on a card are displayed as Blank Line fields. As you add information to the card, you can add new information fields between the Blank Line fields. For example, click Blank Line, click Add, and then click a field. The field appears underneath the blank line.

    • To position text on the card, click a field, and under the Fields list, use the Up and Down arrows to move the fields. You can also move blank lines in this manner, to add more space between lines of text.
      You can move fields around on your Electronic Business Card.

    • To format text, use the formatting and style buttons under Edit.

  8. When you're done formatting the Electronic Business Card, click OK.

Note: If you click Reset Card, the card reverts to the default Outlook design and the information that is entered in the default fields in the contact form.

Save an Electronic Business Card you receive

When you receive contact information as an Electronic Business Card (a .vcf file) in an email message, you can add this Electronic Business Card to your Outlook contacts. If your contact list already includes a contact with the same name, you’ll have the option to update the existing contact or create a new one.

  1. In an open message, double-click the Electronic Business Card to open it. it will open as an Outlook Contact.

  2. Click Save & Close to save the Electronic Business Card to your Contacts folder.

  3. If a duplicate contact name is detected, click Add new contact or Update information of selected Contact.

    If you have a duplicate contact, Outlook asks you if you want to update it.

Send Electronic Business Cards to other people

Electronic Business Cards can be shared in email messages. They provide a corporate or personal visual identity similar to a paper business card.

Include an Electronic Business Card in an email message

  1. In a new message, click Attach Item > Business Card, and then click a name in the list..

  2. If you don't see the name that you want, click Other Business Cards, click the name in the Filed As list, and then click OK.

Include an Electronic Business Card in your email signature

By adding your Electronic Business Card to your email signature, your contact information is included in each message that you send. See Include an Electronic Business Card in your email signature for more information.

Download free electronic business card templates. Use the professionally designed card templates on Microsoft 365 for the web or get ideas for designing your own. 

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