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Microsoft To Do Quick Start
Microsoft To Do Quick Start

Create and share lists

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Create a list  

To create a new list, select + New List in your list menu. This will create an untitled list that you can rename. 

Share a list

To share a list, open the sharing menu by selecting the sharing icon in the top right of any list you've created.

Share list button selected

Once the sharing menu opens, select Create Invitation Link Copy Link, then paste the sharing link in your favorite email or messenger app to send to your collaborators.

Screenshot showing the Sharing menu

To turn off the sharing link or limit sharing to the list's current members, select the sharing icon to open the sharing menu. Select Manage access Limit access to current members and no additional members will be able to join the list.

You can also select Stop Sharing to turn off the sharing link. Once you stop sharing, current list members will no longer have access and your list will be private again.

Microsoft To Do supports list sharing for the following scenarios: 

  • Sharing between personal Microsoft accounts.

  • Sharing between accounts within the same place of work or education.

  • Sharing from personal Microsoft accounts to work accounts, as long as an organization’s admin has turned this feature on. (Note: it's currently not possible to share from work accounts to personal Microsoft accounts.)

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