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Create press kits with the help of in-house experts

A lot goes into creating a press kit, but finding the right file, version control, and permissions can all get in your way. You need to be able to see what your colleagues are working on and brainstorm with in-house experts to deliver the most effective end product.

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To hit the mark with your press kit, you need to collaborate with the right experts. Yammer lets you connect with people across your organization who have the knowledge you need, allowing you to ask questions and get feedback in real time.

Delve helps you find relevant content your colleagues have created based on the work you’re doing. You can then insert parts of that into your press kit.

With OneDrive and SharePoint, you can easily access and share media assets you need, making it easy for your team to review and comment on your press kit. Once the final version is signed-off, share it out and retain a copy in your central repository.


  • Brainstorm with experts to ensure your press kit has the latest information.

  • Work with stakeholders and media experts from wherever they are.

  • Quickly find content from multiple sources to create a compelling press kit.

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