Avoid retyping commonly used text in your documents with AutoText and AutoCorrect.

AutoText handles large chunks of text, and is stored with your Word template.

AutoCorrect can replace a few characters with up to 255 characters of full text, and will be available across all your Office apps.

Create and use an AutoText entry

  1. In your document, select the text that you want to make into a reusable snippet.

  2. Press Alt+F3.

  3. Fill out the information in the Create New Building Block dialog box. Most of the default values are fine, but including a unique name and description makes the AutoText easier for you to find and use.

To use AutoText

To use the text, go to Insert > Quick Parts, > AutoText, and choose the entry you want.

Configure and use an AutoCorrect entry

  1. In your document, select up to 255 characters that you want to make into a reusable snippet.

  2. Go to File > Options > Proofing, and select AutoCorrect Options.

  3. On the AutoCorrect tab, select the Replace text as you type check box, if it's not already checked.

  4. Under Replace, type the characters that you want to trigger the automatic text. The text that you selected in your document should appear under With.

  5. Select Add, and OK, and OK again.

To use the text, type the characters you entered in the Replace box. Press Spacebar or Enter to replace the characters you typed with the reusable snippet. 

AutoText isn't available in the web app, and that AutoCorrect doesn't support text-replacement entries.

To do this, select Open in Word and edit there.

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