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As quota expectations are on the rise in our digital world, sales professionals are expected to move more quickly and close their deals faster. You need to work together to gather information and quickly create accurate and personalized RFPs.

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Before you create a new RFP draft, find previous drafts to pull content from with Delve. It surfaces relevant content from both your own documents and those your colleagues are working on that have been shared with you. 

Then get input on your draft in real time with Microsoft Teams. Use chat and audio or video calling to instantly get answers from other sales professionals. Use @mentions to get input from colleagues who are familiar with your customer and leverage their expertise to customize your RFP. 

Store RFPs in the Files tab in Teams so everyone can access them. Add Planner in an additional tab to keep track of the status of RFPs, including who they’ve been sent to, who’s replied, and assign tasks if any additional work is required.


  • Build off the work of others, rather than start from scratch.

  • Leverage people’s expertise to make your RFP more impactful.

  • Track RFP requests and responses and prioritize due dates.

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