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Edit a view of a list

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Note: If your screen looks different, your administrator may have classic experience set on the list, or you're using an earlier version. If so, see Edit a list view in SharePoint Server.

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Edit a list view to show just the columns and items you want. You can present data with different styles, subgroups, columns, sorts, and filters. Note that you need Contribute permission level or higher to edit a view.

Show or hide columns

  1. Select the column heading, then select Column settings > Show/hide columns.

  2. Select the checkboxes to choose which columns you want to see.

  3. Select Apply.

Move a column

  • Drag the column heading to where you want it.

Change the sort order or apply a filter

Select the column heading, and from the column heading list:

  • Select a sort method (such as A to ZAscending, or Older to newer) to change the sort order. The options are based on the column type and will vary accordingly.

  • Select Filter by to apply a filter. In the filter pane, select the options you want, and then select Apply.

Save the view

In the top navigation, select the name of the view you edited from the View options menu (for example, select All items*), select Save view as, and then:

  • To save your changes to the current view, just select Save in the Save as box.

  • To create a new view without changing the old one, enter a new name, and then select Save.

Note: Use the checkbox in the Save as box to choose whether you want the view to be public or private. You can change the default view to any public view for that list. But you cannot set a personal view as the default view. To delete a view that is the default view, you must first make another public view the default for that list. If Make this the default view is not displayed on the create or edit view pages, you do not have the permission to create a public view, or the view is a personal view.

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