Enter data on a datasheet

Microsoft Graph reserves the first row and column of the datasheet for text that identifies the information in that row or column. In the case of an xy (scatter) or bubble chart, the first row or column contains values.

  1. Switch to the datasheet.


  2. Click a cell, and then type the text or numbers you want.

Note: If you change existing text or values, the chart changes to reflect the new text or values.

Datasheet options

You can change datasheet options to move cell selection to the next cell once you press Enter or enable drag-and-drop to copy cell data to other cells. To do that:

  1. Simply click anywhere in the datasheet.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  3. In the Datasheet Options tab, select any of the following options:

    Move selection after Enter    Selecting this option will make the adjacent cell the next active cell after your press ENTER in the current cell.

    Cell drag and drop    Select this check box to move and to copy cells and data by dragging.

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