Error 0x8A010101 when activating Office for Mac

If you're trying to activate Office for Mac and receiving "Error Code: 0x8A010101," follow the steps below.

Note: Are you receiving this error for Office for Mac 2011? See Troubleshoot activation errors for Office for Mac 2011 instead.

Sign in with your Microsoft Account.

  • Make sure you're using the correct Microsoft Account that is associated with your Office for Mac purchase.

  • Double check to make sure you're activating Office 2016 or Office 2019 for Mac and not Office for Mac 2011.

  • If you're accidentally trying to activate 2011 instead of Office 2016 or Office 2019 for Mac, uninstall Office for Mac 2011. Then download and install Office for Mac. You'll activate by signing in with your Microsoft account.

Select Sign In to activate Office for Mac

The sign in screen for Office for Mac should look something like this.

Still not working? Your Product Key may be invalid.

If you purchased your product key from anywhere other than an official Microsoft store or partner, your product key may be invalid.

Note: MSDN product keys are not valid for activating a retail Office suite.

To get the Office for Mac, you can subscribe to Microsoft 365 or buy a one-time purchase here.

Contact Support.

This article is updated based on your feedback. If you still need help activating Office for Mac, tell us about your issue in detail by leaving us a comment below.

You can also contact Microsoft support.

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