Field codes: Author field

The Author field inserts the author's name specified on the Summary tab in the Properties dialog box.

Tip: To view Properties for a document, on Windows, choose the File tab, choose Info, choose Properties, and then choose Advanced Properties. On Mac, choose the File menu, and then choose Properties.

A field code tells Word what to insert or provide to the document after determining the value of the field code, such as the current date or the number of pages. Usually, the resulting value is simply displayed as part of the document. You can toggle between viewing the result or viewing the field code by pressing Alt+F9 on Windows or fn+Option+F9 on Mac.

When you create a new document, Word automatically adds the user name as the author's name in the document properties. On Windows, the user name is specified in Word Options, and on Mac, the user name is specified in User Information. You can change the name in these locations and in the document properties.

Tip: To view the user name on Windows, choose the File tab, choose Options, and then choose General; the User name box is located under Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office. On Mac, choose the Word menu, then choose Preferences; in Word Preferences, under Personal Settings, choose User Information to display or change the name.


When you view the Author field code in your document, the syntax looks like this:

{ AUTHOR [ "NewName" ] }



Optional text that replaces the author name in the document properties for the active document or template. The name can be as long as 255 characters and must be enclosed in quotation marks.


  • To print the same information on each page of a document (for example, "Document: October 99 Sales Report, printed by A. Gabor on 11/8/1999 4:20 PM"), insert the following text and fields in a header or footer:

    Document: { FILENAME }, printed by { AUTHOR } on { PRINTDATE }

  • In the following Author field, a Fill-In field prompts for the author's name. The name is printed in the document and is added to the document properties.

    { AUTHOR " { FILLIN "Author name?" } " }

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