In Clip Organizer, you can search for clips by description or file name, or you can browse clip collections to find the clip you want.

Note: Clip Organizer is not available in Office 2013 and later. For more information, see Changes in Office 2013.

Search for a clip

  1. In Clip Organizer, on the Standard toolbar, click Search Button image.

  2. In the Search task pane, in the Search for box, type a word or phrase that describes the clip you want, or type in all or part of the file name of the clip.

  3. To narrow your search:

    • To limit search results to a type of media file, in the Results should be box, click the arrow and select the types of clips you want to find.

    • Type more words in your search query.

  4. Click Go.

Browse for a clip by collection

  1. In Clip Organizer, in the Collection List task pane, select the collection or subcollection you want to browse.

  2. If necessary, scroll to see additional clips.

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