Finish (assignment field)

Data Type    Date

Entry Type    Calculated or entered

Description    The Finish field shows the date when an assigned resource is scheduled to complete work on a task. You can have Project calculate the finish date for the assignment, or you can enter it yourself.

How Calculated    Project calculates the assignment finish date based on the task start date, the amount of work assigned to the resource, the resource calendar, and the assignment units for the assignment.

If you enter a finish date for the assignment, this can change the scheduled finish date for the task without setting a constraint.

If you enter an actual finish date that is different from the scheduled finish date, Project changes the scheduled finish date to match the date in the Actual Finish field.

Best Uses    Add the Finish field to the sheet view of the Task Usage or Resource Usage view when you want to review or filter for scheduled finish dates for assignments.

Example    You need to review all the finish dates for the seven people assigned to the "Write proposal" task. In the Task Usage view, you add the Finish field. Under the "Write proposal" task, you can see the finish dates for each resource assigned to the task.

Remarks    When you enter percent complete or actual work, Project might reschedule remaining work around the status date, and this can change the scheduled finish date. If you prefer, you can leave these tracking fields in the project as originally scheduled, even if completed work is shown in the future or remaining work is shown in the past. You do this in the Project Options dialog box.

You can also set the status date to a date other than today's date in the Project Information dialog box.

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