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Important: The service was retired on December 15, 2017. For more information, please see Important information about end of service.

What is is a public sharing service that enables you to make your documents widely available on the Web so that search engines can find them. lets you create an online showroom where you can collect and publish Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint and Office Mix presentations, OneNote notebooks, PDF files, Sway stories, and Minecraft worlds. With, it’s easy for you to share with the world what interests you, and your content looks great for everyone on any device. 

I’m new to How do I get started?

See Basic tasks on to learn how to set up and personalize your account, how to publish and share documents and files, and how to gain insight about your audience.

Who can see my documents?

For anything that you publish on, you can set the visibility of your documents or collections to either Public or Limited.

Anything you publish with Public visibility will appear in worldwide search engine results and can be shared by you and others on social media sites. This option is a great way to get your work noticed. On the other hand, anything you publish with Limited visibility does not appear in search engine results and can be viewed only by people with whom a direct link to your content has been shared. Similarly, anything you publish with Organization visibility does not appear in search engine results and can be viewed only by those who sign in with a school or work account from your school or organization.

Can content authors see my interaction with their documents and files?

While signed into your account, using the Like or Download buttons to interact with available content on will make your name and interactions visible to the authors of that content.

What’s best for sharing: or OneDrive?

Use to publish your documents and files to the Web so that everyone can see and share them. Use OneDrive to work on documents together with others and to control who can see or edit your documents and files.

Why should I share my content on

It’s the best way to get your work noticed and gain a broader audience. You’ll be able to monitor how often your content is viewed and liked — and you can see where it’s been embedded in other websites and blogs.

What’s the difference between and lets you create and edit documents in a Web browser using familiar Office Online apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without the need to install any additional software and you have access to OneDrive to store and collaboratively edit documents. By comparison, lets you publish documents and files to the Web so that everyone can see and share them using Office Online apps.

What’s the difference between Sway and

Sway is a digital storytelling app that you can use to create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. You can publish your Sways directly to so that others can easily discover and share them.

Where is available? is available worldwide to anyone with access to a Web browser.

Which languages are available for is currently available in the following languages and worldwide markets:

  • Afrikaans – South Africa

  • Albanian – Albania

  • Amharic – Ethiopia

  • Azerbaijani – Azerbaijan

  • Bangla – Bangladesh

  • Belarusian – Belarus

  • Basque – Basque

  • Bulgarian – Bulgaria

  • Catalan – Catalan

  • Chinese – China

  • Chinese – Taiwan

  • Croatian – Croatia

  • Czech – Czech Republic

  • Danish – Denmark

  • Dutch – The Netherlands

  • English – United Kingdom

  • English – United States

  • Estonian – Estonia

  • Filipino – Philippines

  • Finnish – Finland

  • French – France

  • Galician – Galicia

  • German – Germany

  • Greek – Greece

  • Hausa – Nigeria

  • Hindi – India

  • Hungarian – Hungary

  • Icelandic – Iceland

  • Indonesian – Indonesia

  • Italian – Italy

  • Japanese – Japan

  • Kannada – India

  • Kazakh – Kazakhstan

  • Khmer – Cambodia

  • Kiswahili – Kenya, Tanzania

  • Korean – Korea

  • Latvian – Latvia

  • Lithuanian – Lithuania

  • Macedonian – Macedonia

  • Malay – Malaysia

  • Malayalam – India

  • Norwegian (Bokmål) – Norway

  • Polish – Poland

  • Portuguese – Brazil

  • Portuguese – Portugal

  • Romanian – Romania

  • Russian – Russia

  • Serbian (Cyrillic) – Serbia

  • Serbian (Latin) – Serbia

  • Slovak – Slovakia

  • Slovenian – Slovenia

  • Spanish – Spain

  • Swedish – Sweden

  • Tamil – India

  • Telugu – India

  • Thai – Thailand

  • Turkish – Turkey

  • Ukrainian – Ukraine

  • Uzbek – Uzbekistan

  • Vietnamese – Vietnam

I need to revise a document on How can I make sure others can see my updated document?

With, when you make changes and republish a document or collection, the URL and embed code stay the same. So anyone with the link will still see the latest version.

I changed the visibility of document or collection from Public to Organization. When will my content be removed from search engine results?

Changing the visibility of a document or collection from Public to Organization doesn’t immediately remove the index even after the indexed link no longer works. It typically takes several days until links are fully removed from search engine listings.

How can I use with my personal website or blog?

After you publish a document or collection on, tap or click Embed to get an HTML code to add to your site. It’s an easy way to make your website or blog more informative and eye-catching.

Can I use my Microsoft 365 account with

Yes. You can use your work or school account to use, or you can choose to use a personal Microsoft account — an email address and password that you use to sign in to services like Sway,, Skype, OneDrive, and Xbox Live. If you prefer, you can also sign in to with a Facebook account.

Can I create documents on

No, not at this time. You’ll need to create documents using Office apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android, or on the Web at before you can publish them on to gain a broader audience.

Are there limits for what I can share and upload?

As long as you abide by our Terms of Service, doesn’t have limits on bandwidth, storage, or the number of documents you can publish. The exception are OneNote notebooks, which are currently limited to 100 MB in size.

Can I post documents anonymously?

No, not at this time. Anything you publish on will show your name.

My Excel file is too large to be displayed. How can I share it?

Upload your file using the .xlsx format and make sure to select Edit > Edit details > Allow Download. Your workbook can’t be viewed in, but others can download it to open it on their devices.

How can I make my PowerPoint presentations look best on

Consider using font embedding to make sure your text looks the same on other people’s screens as it does on yours. In PowerPoint 2016, click File > Options > Save, and then select Embed fonts in the file.

Additionally, consider using only the animations and transitions that PowerPoint for the web supports. Because PowerPoint and PowerPoint for the web use slightly different technologies for playback, not all animations and transitions in your PowerPoint presentation will play on the Web.

How do I create a customized dynamic background on my profile page?

Visit and select Edit > Edit this Sway in the Background Image section. You can combine pictures, text, video clips, and more to create a dynamic background for your profile page.

What devices can I use to view

Use on any device that has access to a Web browser — like your phone, your tablet, or your laptop or desktop computer.

What is a collection and how can I use it?

On, you can gather PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Office Mix, PDF documents, and Sways, as well as content from around the Web, and arrange them in to eye-catching collections that you can share and embed in other websites and blogs.

How can I make my website look better in a collection? supports the Open Graph Protocol. If your website provides an Open Graph image and title, it will be more attractive when added to a collection.

Why do I get the error message “The upload failed because the notebook is too large” when I try to publish a OneNote notebook?

This error message appears if the notebook that you’re trying to publish is larger than 100 MB in size. You can reduce the size by removing any embedded high-resolution images or long audio and video files. To check the current file size of your notebook, log into your OneDrive account, right-click the notebook that you’re trying to publish, click Details, and then note the Size.

Why do I get the error message “We can’t get your notebooks because your OneDrive for Business account has reached its size limit” when I try to publish a OneNote notebook?

This error message appears when your OneDrive for Business account storage has reached 5,000 or more files. This high number of files prevents from getting a list of your notebooks that are currently stored on that account. To resolve this issue, delete or combine any older or unnecessary files, and then try publishing the notebook again.

What happened to my Curah! content?

Your Curah! content has been transformed into collections on

What Accessibility features does support?

See Accessibility in for more information.

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