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The Planner app in Microsoft Teams brings together all your tasks and plans across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem in a single convenient location. It helps you manage tasks more efficiently for individual plans and team initiatives, as well as larger scale projects that are aligned to goals and key strategic objectives. 

Once you add the Planner app to Teams, you'll find:

  • My Day: Includes any tasks that are due today, along with any tasks you choose to add to this view.

  • My Tasks: Includes a dedicated place called Private Tasks for you to quickly create tasks, Flagged Emails, and Tasks that have been assigned to you from Team’s meeting notes, basic plans, premium plans, and Loop components.

  • My Plans: Includes all of your To Do lists, basic plans, and premium plans.

  • New Plan: Create new personal or shared plans directly in the app.

You can also use the Planner app to get notifications about Planner tasks.

Add the Planner app

There are several ways to add an app to Microsoft Teams. The simplest way is to select  View more apps, search for Planner in the search bar, and then select Add.

getting started with planner screenshot one version two.png

Tip: To pin the app for easy access, right click on Planner after adding the app and select Pin. To open the Planner app in a separate window, select Open in new window.

getting started with planner screenshot two version two.png 

Note: If you don't see Planner, your organization might not have the app turned on. Check with your administrator to find out more.

Plan your day with My Day 

My Day is a clutter-free focus space that helps you stay on top of tasks that you want to focus on today. Tasks from My Tasks and personal plans that are due today will show up in My Day. You can also create tasks that you feel are important and may need your attention.

getting started with planner screenshot three version two.png

Your daily dashboard:

  • Handpicked priorities: Determine and add your main tasks for the day.

  • Auto-population: Tasks from My Tasks and personal plans that are due today automatically appear on My Day, keeping you on top of important deadlines.

  • Prioritize and work on these tasks: Once the tasks are on My Day, you can prioritize the tasks in the order you want to accomplish them today.

  • Start fresh in My Day each day: My Day clears itself every night, so you can start the next day with a blank slate and personalize your day. Any unfinished tasks in My Day that are left over before it clears will be available in the original Plan that they came from.

Track your tasks in My Tasks

getting started with planner screenshot four version two.png

Planner offers a purpose-built My Tasks view, designed to centralize all the tasks relevant to you. My Tasks is organized into four distinct views, each serving a unique purpose:

Private tasks: Private tasks is a place for you to quickly jot down tasks at the speed of thought. This is a place where you can create tasks that do not belong to a plan yet. You can then further organize these tasks inside Plans by selecting More actions, which will help you move these unorganized tasks in definitive plans.

Assigned to me: Includes all of the tasks that have been assigned to you in Teams meeting notes, basic plans, premium plans, Loop component, and shared lists in To Do.

Flagged emails: All your flagged emails from Outlook appear in the Flagged emails section. You can also navigate to the emails directly from the task by selecting the attachment.

All: The All view provides an aggregation of all your individual tasks from Private tasks, Assigned to me, and Flagged emails. You can then filter and sort to meet your needs. For example, if you want to see all your tasks that are due tomorrow and are urgent, just apply the filter on this view and you will get a curated list of tasks.

See all of your plans with My Plans

getting started with planner screenshot five version two.png

The My Plans page in Planner shows all of your plans, no matter where they were created. This includes lists created in To Do, plans created in Planner and Project for the web, Loop plans, plans from Teams meeting notes, and more.

The My Plans page provides five filters to help find the right plan or list:

  • Recent: Shows your most recently accessed plans and lists.

  • Shared: Shows your shared plans and lists.

  • Personal: Shows your personal plans and lists.

  • Pinned: Shows all plans and lists you have pinned.

  • My teams: Shows all of your plans that are shared with a Team’s channel.

Tip: Use keywords to quickly find plans and lists by selecting  Filter by keyword.

Create new plans

With plans, you can easily manage your team workload, track work towards team goals, organize work into sprints using agile planning, track dependencies on the timeline view, and more.

Select New in the left navigation to create a new plan. You can then select a blank option or start from one of our out-of-the-box templates that match your use case. Some options are premium and will require a premium license to create.

getting started with planner screenshot six version two.png

Upon selection, you will be asked for a plan name and optionally, a Microsoft 365 group. You can leave the optional group selection blank to create a personal plan or fill it out to create a shared plan.

getting started with planner screenshot seven version two.png

Get notifications about Planner tasks

Task notifications will appear in your Teams activity feed both on your desktop and in the Teams mobile app. You'll get a notification when:

  • Someone else assigns a task to you.

  • Someone else assigns an urgent task to you.

  • Someone else makes a task assigned to you urgent.

  • Someone else makes a task assigned to you not urgent.

  • Someone else changes the progress of a task assigned to you.

  • Someone removes you from a task's assignees.

More information

To learn more about what you can do with plans in Planner, please check out:

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