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GroupMe two-step verification FAQ

Turning on two-step verification makes your account safer by requiring both your password and a phone number to sign in. When you turn on two-step verification, you will get a security code sent to your phone every time you sign in.


  • When you turn on two-step verification, you have the option to use a PIN or a backup code. If you lose your phone, the backup code will help you get into your account.

  • When you first enable two-step verification, you'll receive a backup code. You can also regenerate a backup code from your profile if necessary. Backup codes are only ever displayed once, so make sure you store it in a safe place separate from your phoneIf you lose it, you could be locked out of your account with no recourse. 

To turn two-step verification on or off

  1. Select the Open Navigation  More button  menu.

    Note: On iPad, if you don't have the Open Navigation  More button menu, select Chat at the top of the screen.

  2. Select your avatar (profile picture).

  3. Switch Use two-step verification on or off. If this is your first time turning on two-step verification, we'll walk you through the steps to set it up.

After you turn on two-step verification, you’ll be asked to re-verify your phone number each time you turn it off or on again. Re-verifying your phone number gives you an added layer of protection, as it makes sure you still have access to the phone. 

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