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How do I export my GroupMe data?

You can export your GroupMe data from your profile dashboard.

Important: You can only export your data using GroupMe on the Web.

  1. Sign in to GroupMe on the Web.

  2. Click your avatar (profile picture).

  3. Select Export my data.

    The GroupMe profile with Export my data highlighted

  4. You can create a new export or download a previous export.

    Note: You can only have one active export at a time. If prompted, click Yes to replace the previous export.

  5. After clicking Create export, select which data sets you want to export. Select Next.

    The Export my data window in GroupMe with the Next button highlighted

  6. Select the conversations and direct messages you want to export, then select Export.

    The Export my data window in GroupMe with the Export button highlighted

  7. You will receive a message that your export is being generated. Click Back to return to the Export My Data screen. When your export is finished, it will appear in the Manage Export Area.

  8. Click Download to download your exported data file.

    Note: Your exported data will include JSON files, which you will need an external viewer to read.

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