How to correct a #VALUE! error in the SUMPRODUCT function

This topic covers the common scenarios of the #VALUE! error when working with SUMPRODUCT.

Problem: The array arguments don’t have the same dimension

All of the array arguments should be the same dimension. If they’re not, then you get the #VALUE! error. For example, if Array 1 refers to a range of 3 rows and 2 columns, then Array 2 must also correspond to the similar range.

SUMPRODUCT formula that causes an error is =SUMPRODUCT(D2:D13,E2:E10) - E10 needs to b changed to E13 in order to match the first range.
  • =SUMPRODUCT(D2:D13,E2:E10)

Will fail since the referenced ranges aren’t the same number of rows (13 in the first range, but only 10 in the second).

Solution: Change the formula to:

  • =SUMPRODUCT(D2:D13,E2:E13)

So that both ranges have the same starting and ending row numbers, and retry the formula.

Resolve the #VALUE! error in the data to resolve the SUMPRODUCT error

Problem: One or more cells in the range contain text

If one or more cells in the referenced range contains text or is formatted as a Text data type, you will get the #VALUE! error. The text could be the result of a calculation from another formula, or maybe the cell is simply not formatted correctly.

Formula in cell E15 shows a #VALUE! errror because there is a #VALUE! error in column E.

Solution: Check for any cell that contains text, or is formatted as text and set to the correct data type.

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