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Identify the right use cases

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When you launch Yammer in your organization, it's critical that you identify the best use cases to make your launch successful. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Build community around common interests to help connect users so they can share expertise and resources.

  • Cultivate executive engagement so that your organization feels connected to the senior leadership team.

  • Engage your front line to give feedback from customers and escalate issues no matter where people are located.

  • Drive ideation and innovation by sharing ideas openly, getting crowdsourced feedback, and using @mentions to get experts involved in the conversation.

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Use Case Overview

It’s critical to identify the best use cases to help jump start your Yammer network.

Here are some ways you can use Yammer to help you succeed.

First, use Yammer to build a community around common interests and practices. This will connect users so they can share expertise and connect around a topic of interest, employee resource, or area of practice.

Second, use Yammer to cultivate executive engagement.

This will keep users engaged in and informed of the goals and vision of the organization and can show that their feedback is heard by senior leadership. A response from an executive to a post goes a long way.

You can also use Yammer to engage your front line - the eyes and ears of the organization - and you want their voice to be heard. Creating a public group makes it simple to give feedback or escalate issues, no matter where people are located.

Finally, use Yammer to drive ideation and innovation. With ideas openly shared, feedback can be crowdsourced, or experts can be @mentioned to give their opinions, which leads to that original shared idea getting better.

There are many other meaningful ways to use Yammer, but with these initial use cases ready, your launch will be a success.

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