Import appointments from Outlook into a Visio calendar

You can import Outlook calendar appointments into a new or existing Visio calendar, which you can then customize and distribute, publish on the web, or print for your own reference.

Using the Import Outlook Data Wizard in Visio, you can specify the date and time range you want, and filter for appointments by subject. Then you can import your Outlook data into a one-week, multi-week, or one-month calendar in Visio, and customize the Visio calendar by changing font styles and colors, adding calendar art for decoration and to represent events and appointments.

Note: You must have Outlook installed to use this feature.

  1. In the default templates, click the Schedule category.

  2. Double-click Calendar.

  3. On the Calendar tab, click Import Outlook Data. If you do not have Outlook installed, this command is not available.

  4. On the first wizard page, choose whether you want to import your Outlook calendar data into a new or selected (existing) Visio calendar, and then click Next.

  5. On the second wizard page, specify the date and time range for the calendar data that you want to import.

  6. To import only those appointments that match certain criteria, click the Filter button, and in the Filter Outlook Data dialog box, enter the subject text that you want, and then click OK.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the third wizard page (which appears only if you selected New Visio calendar on the first wizard page), do the following:

    1. Select the calendar type that you want to use for your imported data.

    2. Select whether you want to shade weekends.

    3. Select the day to begin weeks on.

    4. Select the language to use for date formats.

    5. Click Next.

  9. On the final wizard page, review the calendar properties, and then click Finish.

    Note: If you've imported more appointments than fit on a particular day, the appointments will stack on top of each other. You may need to resize the calendar to see them.

Tip: You can compare or combine schedules for multiple individuals. First, import your own appointments, and then send or share the calendar file. Each person then runs the Import Outlook Data Wizard to add their appointments to the calendar.

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