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This article was last updated on July 25, 2017

Microsoft’s service to be discontinued

Microsoft is retiring the service on Friday, December 15, 2017 and we are hereby advising all users to move their existing content to other file storage and sharing platforms as soon as possible, as will no longer be available after this date.

There are a number of alternate content sharing options available today. For most content, OneDrive represents the ideal platform for sharing your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF content, and offers additional tools, permission settings, and security to help share and protect your data and content. SlideShare from LinkedIn also allows users to share content publicly with its audience of 70 million professionals and vast content library. With the retirement of the service, we hope to streamline our offerings in this space and provide you with a more cohesive experience.

We appreciate your patronage of our service and apologize for any inconvenience resulting from this transition. We are happy to provide automatic backup of compatible files to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Please carefully read the information in this article to learn more about your options for transferring or deleting your existing content and account.

I’m a current user — what does this mean for me?

The site and existing content stored on its servers will be retired according to the following schedule:

June 9, 2017 — Creating new accounts will no longer be supported. If you have an existing account, you will still be able to view, edit, publish, download, and delete your existing content. If you have existing Journal and About pages, you will be able to edit them on

June 19, 2017 — If you are using with a Work or School account, your Microsoft 365 Administrator can automatically migrate all content to OneDrive for Business on your behalf. For more information, see Migrate your organization’s content from

August 1, 2017 — Publishing and editing content on will no longer be supported. If you have an existing account, you will still be able to view or download your existing content.

June 9 to December 14, 2017 — If you have an existing account, you can sign in and choose to have your own content backed up automatically to OneDrive. As soon as your data has been transferred there, your experience will change to read-only and links to your documents and files will redirect to the new location on OneDrive.

December 15, 2017 — The site and all of its content will be officially discontinued. The site will no longer be accessible after this date.

May 15, 2018 — Any links to your content that you previously shared with others and that were automatically redirected to your transferred content on OneDrive (or OneDrive for Business) will stop working after this date.

How do I move my files and content from

For Microsoft Accounts (,,, etc.) and Facebook Accounts

Do the following:

  1. Log in to your profile where you can enable automatic back up of all files that are compatible with OneDrive.

  2. Follow the prompts, which may include signing up for a new OneDrive account if you don’t already have one.

  3. When the process is complete, you’ll find all compatible content that you had previously published to backed up to your OneDrive folders. The original content on will thereafter only be available for viewing or downloading.

For more detailed backup instructions, and to learn what happens after the migration of your content, please see Back up your personal content.

For Microsoft 365 Users with OneDrive for Business

We can automatically back up all compatible content to your OneDrive for Business account if your Administrator enables the auto-migration service for your organization (this option is available as of June 19, 2017). If you would like your school’s or company’s Administrator to initiate this process for you, please contact them and include a link to this article.

You can also choose to log in to and follow the auto-migration prompts yourself. When the process is complete, you will find all compatible content you had previously published to backed up to your OneDrive for Business folders. The original content on will thereafter only be available to view, download, and delete.

For Microsoft 365 Users without OneDrive for Business

Log in to your profile where you can download and save your content to your device or your preferred storage and sharing platforms. You can also delete your account and content.

What about content not backed up to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business?

For users who have successfully completed the auto-migration process, we will save other metadata such as descriptions of your content to an Excel file, and back this up to your OneDrive or OneDrive for Business account. We will also automatically save your About and Journal pages, and any of your Sway content to your My Sways page on

For all other users and content types not covered by the above, we recommend that you manually download and save them to your preferred storage and sharing platforms.

What about content that I have already linked from to other Web sites?

For users who have opted in to auto-migration, links to compatible content in will redirect to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, and continue to show up on other Web pages. If you want to remove linked content, simply delete the files from OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. On May 15, 2018, the automatic redirection to all content will end and all links will stop working, so please make sure to manually update any links on your other Web sites before this date.

For users who did not opt in to auto-migration, all links to content will stop working on December 15, 2017. Please make sure to manually update any links on other Web sites before this date.

What about OneNote notebooks that I distribute via

Because OneNote notebooks published to already originate from OneDrive accounts, the auto-migration service will not include such notebooks. If you need to save a copy of any OneNote notebook, click the Get Notebook button, which will be available until December 15, 2017.

What if my content exceeds my OneDrive storage limit?

If you exceed your available storage limit on OneDrive, the migration of your content will be interrupted. Any files that were successfully transferred will remain on your OneDrive account, but any files that could not be included will not be backed up and the migration process will stop.

Content migration can be resumed after you have freed up or purchased additional storage space on your OneDrive account. To resume an interrupted migration, log back in to and then click Start migration again.

Why can’t I back up my content to SlideShare?

SlideShare is intended for public posting. We want its users to purposefully manage which files they want to publish publicly on the Web, and to add their own structure, titles, and descriptions to their content.

I am a Microsoft 365 Administrator. What do I need to know?

If you are a Microsoft 365 administrator, you can automatically back up your organization’s content to OneDrive for Business. For more information, see Migrate your organization’s content from

I need more help!

If you’re unsure of what steps to take before the service is retired, or you are encountering any issues during your content migration, please reach out to us at (you may need to give your browser permission to open your email client after clicking this link).

We sincerely appreciate your patronage of our service, and we will be happy to provide further assistance with this transition.

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