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Write & edit
Write & edit

Insert hyperlinks

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  1. Copy the address from your browser's address bar.

  2. Go to your document in Word.

  3. Paste the address and press Enter. Word will turn it into hyperlink text.

Or, if you want to make current text into a hyperlink:

  1. Select the text.

  2. Select Insert > Link. The most recent link you copied will be at the top of the list. Or select Insert Link to customize the link.

    1. Select the type of link you want in the Link to column (most often it will be Existing File or Web Page).

    2. Paste the link in the Address bar.

Later, if you want to change the link, right-click it and choose Edit Hyperlink. Or Remove Hyperlink.

Edit a hyperlink

Follow links while editing

While you're editing your document, clicking a link lets you edit its display text (friendly text). To follow a link, press Ctrl+Click.

Tip: If you'd rather follow links just by clicking them, Go to File > Options > Advanced and clear the Use Ctrl+Click to follow hyperlink check box.

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