Introducing Microsoft Teams for your personal life

Teams isn’t just for work anymore. Now you can connect with your family and friends outside of the office, with new features in Teams for your personal life, available on iOS and Android. Check if your device meets the system requirements.

Teams for your personal life screenshot of the chat tab. (Compressed)

A. Chat – You land in Chat when you start the app. 
B. Search – Search for chats, files, and people.  
C. Chat names – You can name your 1x1 and group chats to keep yourself organized. 
D. Activity – Keep up to date with your notifications. 
E. Chat alerts – See when you have messages with chat notifications and alerts. 
F. Calendar – Got a date or appointment? Find your Calendar here. 
G. Files – Keep track of your recent and OneDrive files in this tab. 
H. More – Find additional features here like Safe, Gallery, and Calls. 

Make plans, stay organized and connect with family and friends in one app. Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one communication hub, letting you plan, share, and chat whenever and wherever. Quickly find your friends, share files and photos, join conversations, create, and more in one helpful and secure place. 

Get more out of your chats 

Start a video chat, assign your family member or friend a shopping list, schedule an appointment, find and send just the right GIF, and get the most out of conversations with access to cloud storage.

Conveniently sync up

Say goodbye to opening different apps to communicate, schedule, or create, because Teams gives you and your groups a centralized place to stay on top of multiple calendars, activities, chats, and shared tasks. Searching for that one assignment or important document is easier with the Dashboard keeping tabs on those items for you. 

Work efficiently together

Focus on creating while the mobile app handles the organizing. Effortlessly share documents, tackle a group project, or even do a family budget with Microsoft Office applications Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Plus, securing your documents and conversations in the cloud and making them accessible across devices is an integral part of Teams. 

Easily share locations

Give your family or friends a heads up when you’re running late by sharing your location

Tip: Enable your location permissions to get the most out of this feature. 

Safe keeps you safe

Confidently store your important information, like passwords, rewards numbers, and login information, using the app’s secure place, Safe

Like what you see and want to learn more? Find out more about new features in Teams or you can download and install Teams and try it for yourself.

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