Leveling Can Split (task field)

Data Type    Yes/No

Entry Type    Entered

Description    The Leveling Can Split field indicates whether the resource leveling function can cause splits on remaining work on this task. If this field is set to Yes, then leveling can interrupt this task. If this field is set to No, leveling cannot split the task.

Best Uses    Add the Leveling Can Split field to a task sheet when you want to specify which tasks can and cannot be split when leveling. Click Yes when you want to give Project more flexibility in how your schedule can be leveled. Click No in this field for those tasks whose remaining work you do not want split.

Example    Jamie is assigned to several different tasks and is overallocated. Project can level Jamie's workload so that the assignment on one task is split, or interrupted, allowing Jamie to then work on another assignment. When that assignment is complete, Jamie can return to the split task to complete the remaining work. This is an alternative to delaying the start of a task or assignment to a later date.

Remarks    The default for the Leveling Can Split field is Yes. However, for all recurring tasks, the default is No.

For the Leveling Can Split setting to take effect on selected tasks, be sure that the project settings enable resource leveling to split tasks in the Resource Leveling dialog box.

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