Manage Settings in the SharePoint mobile app

Manage Settings in the SharePoint mobile app

Tap Me > settings gear  Settings icon to view your own profile, manage accounts, view the app version number and access help.

SharePoint app sign in help

When you launch the SharePoint app, you might be asked to add an account.

Note: If you're unsure whether you're using SharePoint or SharePoint Server, see How do I choose between SharePoint app sign in options?

Sign in with SharePoint

Adding a Microsoft SharePoint account to the SharePoint app is easy when you've signed in to Microsoft 365 before. You'll follow the same steps in the app. If this is your first time signing in to Microsoft 365, you can read more in the topic, Where to sign in to Microsoft 365.

Sign in with SharePoint Server

When your organization provides SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint 2016, or SharePoint 2013 the login process is different from SharePoint. You'll enter the web address of your SharePoint Server to continue the sign-on process. The web address, also known as a URL, might look like this:

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