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Manage your day more effectively

Our most important work should be the focus of our attention, but we often spend our time in meetings, answering email, and searching for files. You need an easy way to manage how you spend your time and work more efficiently.

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Cortana, your personal digital assistant in Windows 10, can help you stay on top of your day. She can remind you of meetings, prompt you to follow up with coworkers and supervisors, and even take notes. When you have Cortana synced across your devices, you can add items to your to-do list or add notes from wherever you are using Cortana's voice recognition feature. This also lets you respond to emails or texts and keep your hands free. With Cortana connected to your Outlook calendar, she can even use your location and traffic data to alert you when it’s time to leave for a meeting.

Improve how you spend your time each day with MyAnalytics. It shows you how much time you spend in meetings and the amount of time you can focus on your work. Based on these insights, it suggests ways you could manage your time more effectively.

Rather than start every new project from scratch, use Delve to find relevant content to build on. Delve surfaces content you’ve created or that’s been shared with you based on the work you’re currently doing.


  • Use your personal digital assistant to take notes, respond to email, and set up reminders.

  • Get insights to improve how you spend your time.

  • Build on work that’s been created rather than starting from scratch.

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