Technology isn't only for work. It can help you make the most of your time so you can focus on what matters. Use the tips, Microsoft templates, and tools in these kits to get organized, plan events, and accomplish all you want and need to do.

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Achieve work and school goals

Visualize lessons and goals with templates

Linked data types powered by Wolfram offer teachers and students real-time academic and goal-settings data from trusted, online data sources.

Explore the templates

Manage your classroom

Whether you're teaching a remote class, in-person, or a combo, these templates and tools will help you stay organized and connected with your students.

Get tools for teachers

Ace your school projects

To create an A+ school project, communicate your ideas and stories with high quality, dynamic reports and presentations that will wow your audience.

See school project resources

Learn and have fun at home

There are lot's of options to have fun and keep busy. Use these quizzes, flash cards, and templates to keep learning no matter where you are.

Start learning at home

Hold a virtual graduation celebration

Explore the different ways to have an online graduation celebration and gather resources for printing cards, diplomas, and photo albums.

Plan your celebration

Land your dream job

Finding a dream job requires perseverance and a strong plan. Put yourself in a position to do something you love with tools to help you succeed.

Create a job plan

Jump start your side hustle

Whether you're looking for a part-time job or a way to monetize a hobby, these tips will help you get in on the side hustle game.

View side hustle tips

Organize your daily life

Host a virtual gathering

Stay connected to friends and family even when you're apart with remote meeting tools and ideas, including PowerPoint party templates.

Plan your virtual gathering

Collaborate with friends and family

Whether you're planning a trip, party, or home improvement project, you can use your favorite Office apps to work together, wherever you are.

Edit in real time

Create your first budget

Healthy financial habits have to start somewhere. Learn how to stay on top of your finances with dynamic templates like Money in Excel, and more.

Start budgeting

Manage your household budget

Strong budgeting habits are essential to building financial independence. Manage spending with Money in Excel and other budgeting tools.

Get household budget templates

Manage your day

You can’t create more hours in the day, but you can make the most of your time at home, work, in between appointments, or out running errands.

Learn about time management

Master your Outlook inbox

If you find yourself buried in email for a significant chunk of your day, you're not alone. Take control of your Outlook inbox with these smart tips.

Organize your email

Manage activities and life events

Track your health and fitness goals

Whether you want to stay fit, get strong, or eat healthier, tracking your goals is a great way to stay accountable and live your best life.

Start tracking your health

Manage your kids' health milestones

They grow up so fast. Keep track of important events and help your little ones stay healthy with useful trackers.

Track your kids' health

Plan an event

When it’s time to host a birthday celebration, baby shower, game-day gathering, or other get-together, plan your event like a pro with these tips and tools.

Start planning

Vacation with friends and family

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, summer vacation, or annual holiday, use these tools to plan the perfect trip with the ones you love.

Get vacation tools

Manage a youth sports team

Managing a youth sports team requires strong organizational skills to balance the needs of the players, parents, and coaches.

See how to manage a team

Plan a wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Stay on top of the details, eliminate stress, and plan the wedding of a lifetime with these useful tips and tools.

Start your wedding plan

photo of a woman on a sofa with dogs and cats Care for a pet

Manage vet visits, pet sitters, and the daily care of your furry or feathered friend with these checklists and tips.

Explore pet care

Protect yourself and your family

Prepare for an emergency

Disasters can happen at any time. When one occurs, you'll need to act fast to keep your family safe. Get prepared to ensure you and your family are ready in the event of an emergency.

Get ready for emergencies

Be safe online

Minimize online risks with advanced protection from viruses and cybercrime, tools to help keep your information secure and private, and ways to recover your files from malicious attacks.

Read more about online safety

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