You can find answers to questions about Money in Excel here. If you're experiencing issues using Money in Excel, see Troubleshooting for Money in Excel for help.

Who can use Money in Excel?

Money in Excel is a premium template available to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscribers. Don't have a subscription? Get started here.

Today, Money in Excel is only supported in the United States, with plans to expand global support in the future.

Money in Excel is available on PC or Mac in the Excel desktop app, or in the browser with Excel for the web. Users will need to open Money in Excel on a PC or Mac to set up Money in Excel and connect financial accounts. Returning users may open their document in the Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office mobile app, but you will not be able to load new transactions, capture changes, or access the Money in Excel pane.

To use Money in Excel, please make sure your software is up to date, including:

  • Windows 10 or macOS Catalina

  • Excel (Version 2008 or later) or Excel for Mac (16.40 or later)

    Tip: You can check which build of Office you're on by going to File > Account in the Excel app.

  • Latest versions of Edge, Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported at this time.

Why do I need to sign in when I open Money in Excel?

Your financial information is private. To ensure that you are the only one accessing your workbook, we ask you to verify your identity each time you open Money in Excel.

What is Plaid?

Plaid is a third-party company that Microsoft is partnering with to provide permissioned connections to financial accounts to power Money in Excel. In the U.S., Plaid connects to more than 10,000 institutions, from major retail banks to community credit unions. Plaid’s products power thousands of apps and services such as Acorns, Betterment, Chime, Transferwise, and Venmo.

What data will Plaid have access to?

After granting permission for Plaid to connect a financial account with Money in Excel, Plaid will have access to the account’s balances, transaction history, and associated account information, like owner name and address. Plaid will not have access to your Microsoft 365 login credentials.

To get more information about what data Plaid has access to, you can contact Plaid by emailing or clicking the support button on My Plaid.

What are Plaid's security policies and practices?

Visit the Plaid website to get more information on Plaid’s security policies and practices.

How do I add an account in Money in Excel?

You can add an account two ways from the Money in Excel pane:

  • From the Accounts tab, select + Add an account.

  • You can also add an account by going to the Settings tab > select Add an account.

If you've never added an account in Money in Excel before, see Get started with Money in Excel.

Select + Add an account

How do I delete an institution in Money in Excel?

Deleting a financial institution will result in Plaid disconnecting that financial institution from Money in Excel. Money in Excel will no longer receive any information from your accounts for that financial institution. No changes will occur to your accounts themselves. You can always add an institution back after you have deleted it by following the instructions in Get started with Money in Excel.

  • From the Accounts tab, select the three vertical dots. Select Edit bank institutions > select Edit next to the institution you would like to remove > select Delete all accounts.

  • From the Settings tab, select Edit accounts > select Edit next to the institution you would like to remove > select Delete all accounts.

Select Edit account

Select Edit on the financial institution.

Select Delete all accounts

Does my financial data update automatically?

The Sync button near the top of the Money in Excel pane updates account balances, imports new transactions, and syncs changes across your workbook and spending emails.

Select Sync to keep everything up to date and do it often so your workbook, spending summaries, and insight cards reflect the latest data.

Caution: While you can switch between sheets while syncing, don't edit the workbook.

Select Update when you have new transactions.

How long will it take transactions to show up in my feed?

After first connecting your financial accounts to Money in Excel, transactions from the past 30 days will appear in your transaction feed within a few minutes. The sync bar will let you know when the last time the workbook was synced to your data.

New transactions will be ready for you to sync within a day of posting to your financial account. Only posted charges will appear in Money in Excel, and any that are pending will appear after they've cleared with your bank.

How do I customize my transaction categories

To learn how to customize your transaction categories or create custom categories, see the section Organize your spending categories in Get started with Money in Excel.

What is Microsoft's security and privacy policy?

The Microsoft Services Agreement and Microsoft Privacy Statement can provide more information on security and privacy.

Is my financial information secure?

Security is our top priority. We do not sell or trade your data. We do collect it and provide it to you to meet your personal finance needs and improve how Money in Excel works. 

What data is collected?

Money in Excel collects personal finance information to provide you with a better view of your finances. Money in Excel receives information from Plaid, an independent third-party vendor. Plaid does not share financial institution login credentials with Microsoft. Money in Excel only has access to personal finance information from accounts that a user chooses to onboard. Additional telemetry around how you interact with the app is collected for troubleshooting and to improve the user experience. To stop data from being collected from Money in Excel, remove your financial accounts from Money in Excel. Previously logged data will remain until you delete your Money in Excel profile (see below).

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored in the United States using Microsoft's Azure cloud services. Plaid also maintains financial data. You can request deletion of your data from Plaid by emailing or clicking the support button on My Plaid

How can I delete my data and what happens if I do?

Before you delete your Money in Excel profile, read below to make sure you understand what deleting your data entails.

To delete your account: 

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Money in Excel pane

  2. Select Delete Profile

  3. Scroll through the information and then select Delete profile.

    Caution: You will not be able to undo this action once your profile is deleted.

What it means to delete your data:

  • Your Money in Excel profile and ​​​​​​data will be deleted from the Money in Excel and Excel servers.

  • Money in Excel will disconnect from your financial accounts through Plaid immediately. Plaid will no longer provide any data to Money in Excel.

    Note: See Plaid's End User Privacy Policy for more details. To delete your Plaid data, contact or select the support button at My Plaid.

  • Your Microsoft account will no longer be connected with Money in Excel, but your account and associated data will remain intact.

  • Your financial accounts won't be affected.

What can I do without a Money in Excel profile?

  • You won't lose your Money in Excel workbook and you can still open and edit sheets.

  • Your workbook will no longer sync with financial accounts and can't be used with the Money in Excel add-in.

  • No new transactions will appear, and you won't be able to access features in the Money in Excel pane, including the Accounts tab, For You tab, and Templates tab.

What if I want to use Money in Excel again?

  1. Download a new template for Money in Excel.

  2. Create a new Money in Excel profile. See Get started with Money in Excel for detailed instructions.

Go to the Settings tab in the Money in Excel pane

Select Delete profile from the Settings tab in Money in Excel.

Scroll through the information provided and then select Delete profile.

Who can see my data?

There may be occasions when Money in Excel engineers will need to look at anonymized data to fix a problem or to train our technology to be more accurate. Financial data allows our team to build algorithms that will help give you a personalized Money in Excel experience. For example, if a specific restaurant transaction is categorized as “transportation” instead of “restaurants/dining”, an engineer might access your anonymized data to understand why the categorization isn’t working properly. Access is temporary and monitored. Our engineering teams are required to exercise strong privacy and security protections. Your trust is important to our development efforts.

What happens if I share my Money in Excel file with someone else?

If you choose to share your Money in Excel file with someone else, they will be able to open the file and view the content in your spreadsheets. They will not be able to access your Money in Excel pane to view account balances or load new transactions, and changes they make to the spreadsheets will not be synced. They will only be able to access the Money in Excel pane if they have set up Money in Excel and logged in with the same Microsoft account that you have connected to Money in Excel.

Is this Microsoft Money?

Microsoft Money is a personal finance management program that Microsoft released over a decade ago. A lot has changed since then! Money in Excel is a brand-new offering that leverages new technology to provide you with a smarter and more secure personal finance management solution. We know that there are still Microsoft Money fans out there— we hope you try out Money in Excel and love it even more!

How can I unsubscribe from Money in Excel emails?

For the best experience, we recommend that you opt in to both Summary and alert emails and Promotional emails. Summary and alert emails provide personalized spending reports, account insights, and account alerts. Promotional emails notify you of new product updates, tips, and offers. To unsubscribe, go to the Settings tab in the Money in Excel pane > under Communications > opt out of Summary and alert emails and/or Promotional emails.

Settings to unsubscribe from Money in Excel mails

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