New Yammer: Add a Yammer page to a Teams channel

New Yammer: Add a Yammer page to a Teams channel

Note: This topic describes a feature in new Yammer. For more information about using this feature in classic Yammer, see Classic Yammer: Add a Yammer page to a Teams channel

Do you need to collaborate on a Yammer post or topic while you’re working in Microsoft Teams? Simplify your workflow by adding a tab for a Yammer community in Microsoft Teams. Your team members can participate in the Yammer conversation, right from Microsoft Teams, or discuss a Yammer conversation in Teams before posting a reply to the wider Yammer community.

When a Teams member goes to the Yammer tab, they are authenticated again by Yammer, so that they only see Yammer content that they have access to.

Here's what you need to be able to add this tab:

  • A subscription to Yammer Enterprise.

  • Team members must be enabled to add tabs. If you can't add a tab, talk to your team owner.

Note: The Yammer tab is not automatically refreshed. In order to see new conversations or replies, reload the tab.

Add a Yammer tab to a Microsoft Teams channel

  1. In the Teams channel, select + on the tab bar.

  2. Select the Communities tab.

    Adding a Yammer Communities page to a Teams channel

  3. In the Content Type section of the Communities dialog box, select one of the following:

    • Yammer Group: all messages visible to the user in the selected community.

    • Yammer Topic: all messages visible to the user with the selected topic hashtag, for example #NewEmployee.

  4. In the Search box, type the community name or topic you want to include, and then select the community or topic from the list that appears.

  5. To automatically have a Teams message sent that lets your team know that you've added the Yammer tab, make sure the Post to the channel about this tab checkbox is selected. Otherwise, clear it.

  6. Click Save. The new Yammer tab shows up in the tab bar for all team members.

Note: You can select only one Yammer community or topic per tab. To add tabs for more Yammer communities, repeat this procedure.

Tip: To change or rename the Yammer community that is displayed, or to remove the tab, click the down arrow next to the tab name.

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