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There are no additional Actions available in the context of your document, workbook, or presentation. 

However, here are some other features we have that may interest you: 

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Other features

  • Get company-specific or geographic data in Excel for Microsoft 365 by typing text into a cell and converting it to the Stocks data type or the Geography data type. See Excel data types: Stocks and geography.

  • Get synonym suggestions in Word or PowerPoint: When you're looking for another way to say something, right-click a word and choose Synonyms from the pop-up menu to see some suggestions.

  • Get immediate background information online about a subject by right-clicking a term in your document and selecting Smart Lookup: You'll see definitions, history, Wikipedia articles, photos, and more. See Get insights with Smart Lookup. (This feature is available in Office 2016 and newer versions)

  • Find and cite reliable sources for your research paper in just a few steps in Word for Microsoft 365 with Researcher. See Research your paper easily

  • Solve math equations in OneNote.  Just type a computation, then = and a space. OneNote provides the answer. For more details, see: 

Frequent requests

Other requests

  • Print your Word document by choosing File > Print and then selecting the options you want in the Print dialog box.

  • Re-use text in Word: See Use Quick Parts and AutoText.

  • Insert a signature or signature line in your Word document: See Insert a signature

  • Insert a picture. See Insert pictures.

  • Insert a link to an Office file you recently had open, or to a web page of your choosing. Right-click your document and select Hyperlink or Link. See Create a hyperlink for more information.

Send a suggestion to the Word product team

If you have a suggestion for improving Word, you can go to the Word Suggestion Box and give your suggestion or vote for other ones. 

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