November 2019 feature updates

Based largely on customer feedback, the following new features have been added to Microsoft 365 learning pathways version 3.0.

Content updates and editorial calendar

One of the promises of learning pathways is up-to-date content. To this end, we've provided our first November 2019 quarterly content update with a variety of new subcategories, playlist, and assets. Content updates are communicated in our Content Update articles in our What's New/What's Changed playlist. Learning pathways quarterly content updates can also be found here: For general Office help, see the Microsoft 365 content updates.

Microsoft 365 Success Center

We've added a Microsoft 365 learning pathways Admin Success Center to help admins and site collection owners get the most out of learning pathways. The Admin Success Center provides links to planning and adoption resources and offers guidance on planning, customizing, driving adoption, and measuring impact of learning pathways. For more information, see Learning Pathways Admin Success Center.

Playlist navigation

Based on customer feedback, we've made navigation more obvious with Next and Previous buttons. We've also added a table of contents within the navigation area to enable users to easily see the full list of items in a playlist and to navigate directly to an asset in a playlist.

Toggle full-screen mode

In some cases, the video in a playlist asset appears below the display area of a window, so we've added a Toggle full-screen mode feature in the navigation bar to enable users to navigate through a playlist with enough visible screen area to display the video.

Copy a playlist

Many customers have expressed the need to modify just a few simple things in a Microsoft-supplied playlist, without the need to create a completely new playlist. For example, a common customer request is to remove a step from the Start with Six Simple Steps playlist. Now you can copy a playlist from an existing playlist, including a playlist from the Microsoft catalog, and then modify that playlist. For example, you can now copy six simple steps, delete 3 steps, and turn the playlist into 3 simple steps. For more information, see Copy a playlist.

Multi-Content Pack support

Designed for Microsoft 365 learning pathways partners and administrators with experience administering web content, multi-content support enables a partner or administrator to integrate a custom content set into Microsoft 365 learning pathways. For more information, see Multi-Content Pack Guidelines.

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