Outlook Customer Manager FAQ

Outlook Customer Manager works in Outlook to track customer communication history, help you stay up-to-date on tasks, and assist in maintaining customer relationships. Outlook Customer Manager and its mobile companion app are included at no additional cost in Microsoft 365 Business Standard plans.

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Get started with Outlook Customer Manager

If your Microsoft 365 plan supports Outlook Customer Manager, you can find it by choosing Add-ins from the nav pane or by selecting the Outlook Customer Manager button on the ribbon.

Outlook Customer Manager welcome screen

For more information, see Get started with Outlook Customer Manager and Import data to Outlook Customer Manager

Work with Outlook Customer Manager

Once you've accessed Outlook Customer Manager for the first time, you're ready to start creating contacts, companies, and deals. You can log activities such as meetings and phone calls, and add documents to your Outlook Customer Manager items.

Outlook customer manager links all of your activities to their appropriate contact, company, or deal so you can find them quickly and the Today screen offers you a focused view of your upcoming activities, hot deals, and tasks. It also helps you prefill company information using Bing.

View your Focused items

Customize and share with Outlook Customer Manager

When your business needs change, you may want to add a field or change the currency. Also you might want to share information with your colleagues.

You probably use more systems than just a CRM to run your business. Outlook Customer Manager has integrated with Microsoft Flow, so you can create workflows between appsintegrated with Microsoft Flow, so you can create workflows  between apps and see all your data in Outlook.

Feedback on Outlook Customer Manager

If you have feedback on Outlook Customer Manager, check out the Outlook Customer Manager feedback forum.

Need help?

If you need support for Outlook Customer Manager, please contact your Microsoft 365 administrator for technical support, or search for answers to common issues in our community forums.

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