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Storyline is a new way for people to share, connect, and contribute to their organization through Yammer and the Viva Engage app. Storyline posts are posts to your followers and other interested people from within your organization. People interested in knowing what you have shared can go to your profile page in Yammer to view your storyline feed. Once there, they can choose to follow you and select through which clients, Teams and/or email, they want to be notified of new storyline posts. People who follow you, and those who you @mention, will be notified when you make a new storyline post.  

Storyline is a great way to build connections and amplify your impact. By default, storyline posts are accessible by anyone in the company with access to Yammer and the Viva Engage app. People will discover your posts in their feeds (in Microsoft Viva, Yammer, and the Viva Engage app for Teams and Outlook) and can choose to follow you, and receive future notifications, if they are interested in what you share.  

Follow you, follow me 

Whereas communities rely on group memberships to ensure the right people see the messages posted there, storyline relies on following activity. When someone posts to their storyline, all the people who are following that person will be notified of that post based on their personal notification preferences. They can catch up on that message, and other messages posted by all of the people they follow, through the storylines landing page, which aggregates storyline content from all of the people they follow as well as relevant and trending storyline content from across their organization. 

When you follow someone with a storyline feed, you will see a bell icon next to the “following” button. From there you can choose through which clients outside of Yammer you’d like to be notified when the person posts to their storyline. By default, both Microsoft Teams, which notifies you through the Teams activity feed, and Email are selected, but you can customize that setting for every person that you follow.  

Note: Storyline notifications in email leverage the actionable messages framework in Outlook Web Access. This means that you can view, reply, and react to the full storyline conversation without leaving Outlook. 

To get the most out of storyline, it is important for you to follow the managers, colleagues and thought leaders you most respect, and encourage them to follow you back. Following someone is a powerful social signal that lets them know that you are interested in what they have to say, and encourages them to share their updates, learnings, experiences, and perspectives through storyline.  

Catch up with the storylines landing page

Because it is not always feasible to go to the storyline page for every person you follow, the best way to keep up with the most relevant storyline content is through the storylines landing page. The landing page can be accessed by clicking the “storylines” link in the left rail of Yammer on the web, and via the “storylines” tab in the Viva Engage app.  

The Storylines landing page features two feeds to help you keep up-to-date with the storyline posts from people you follow and others which are relevant and trending within your organization. 

  • The “Feed” feed is a personalized feed that prioritizes content that is most relevant to you. It not only features storyline posts from the people you follow, but also includes trending storyline content from across your organization. This feed utilizes a relevance-based sort.

  • The “Following” feed includes only the storyline content from the people you follow. This feed is sorted newest first by the date the storyline conversation was started. The following feed is helpful when you want to be sure that you’ve seen all the latest storyline content from the people you follow.

How to post to your storyline 

Much like we made it so your colleagues can read and engage with storyline content wherever they work in Microsoft 365, be it Teams, Outlook, Yammer, or Viva Engage, it was important for us to allow you to post to your storyline, from wherever you work in Microsoft 365. 

Post to your storyline from Yammer and Viva Engage. You can post to your storyline from not only your profile in Yammer and Viva Engage, but also from the Storylines landing page and the Home feed. While posting from your profile page and the Storylines landing page defaults to your storyline, you need to select “My storyline” from the community picker when posting from the Home feed.

Post to your storyline from Microsoft Teams. Simply install and pin the Viva Engage app for Teams to your left rail in Teams, and gain quick access to your storyline without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Post to your storyline from within Outlook. In OWA, click the drop arrow next to “New mail” to see the option for “Storyline post.” In the Outlook desktop client, you can choose “Storyline post” under the “New Items” button. Outlook also features the Viva Engage app discussed with Microsoft Teams.

Get inspired: What to share on your storyline  

Much like you want to hear what your colleagues have to say on their storyline, they want to hear from you. Use your storyline to build your brand and showcase your expertise, sharing more about who you are—your passions, know-how, and ideas—with followers, colleagues, and people across the company.

Now you can post anything that’s meaningful to you—and drive impact—without thinking “what is the right community/group/channel/DL to share my thoughts?”  

Introduce yourself  

Upload a short video or write a post introducing yourself. Let people know what you're working on, your skills and interests.  

Showcase your skills and expertise  

Share a skill that you learned recently or discuss a topic about which people turn to you for expertise.  

I found (or wrote!) an interesting article or blog post  

Have you found an interesting resource? Did you write an article or blog post on LinkedIn or another platform? Share it with your followers and help others discover it.  

I (or my team) just accomplished something  

Share a discovery or achievement. Shout out to folks who contributed with @mentions.  

Share a recent experience that you had  

Did you visit your worksite recently and want to share pictures with your co-workers? Or perhaps you met up with a few of your colleagues recently and want to share photos.  

Storyline best practices 

There are a number of best practices that you can use to make storyline more effective for you as both an author and a consumer.  

Let your colleagues learn a little more about you, not just what you know about. Your colleagues value your insights and perspective and are interested in what you have to say. While organizational cultures differ from one organization to another, often times the most engaging storyline content is one which not only shares helpful insights and knowledge, but also helps colleagues understand a little more about the person sharing that content. 

Follow your colleagues and encourage them to follow you back. Storyline relies on having enough followers to generate awareness and engagement. Don’t be afraid to follow someone you respect just because they’ve not yet posted to their storyline. By following them, you are telling them that you want to hear what they have to say. Seeing an audience of followers may be all that is needed for them to share their insights and expertise.    

If you don’t yet have many followers, there are a few things you can do to expand your audience. For example, consider adding a topic to the conversation so that people with interest in that topic will be more likely to discover your post. You can also consider judiciously @mentioning people that don’t yet follow you if you think the content is of particular interest to them. Of course, don’t be afraid to include a message in your post encouraging people to follow you in if they find the content interesting.  

Recognize and reward your colleagues who share good content. Many people look for additional signals beyond views to know that the information they are sharing is being appreciated. Let them know you appreciate them by reacting or replying to their storyline posts.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why isn’t storyline available in our organization? 

Storyline is only supported in Yammer enterprise networks that enforce Office 365 identity. If your network does not enforce Office 365 identity, or if you have a Yammer Basic network, storyline will not be available to your organization. Your IT admins may also decide to disable storyline for your organization.  

Who can see storyline content? 

Storyline content is visible to any internal user who has access to Yammer and Viva Engage. Guests will not be able to see any storyline content.  

Who is notified when I post to my storyline? 

People who follow you will be notified via the notification preferences they specified when they followed you. People who do not follow you will not be notified of your storyline post unless you specifically @mention them. In those cases, those users will be notified just as they are notified when they are @mentioned in group conversations.  

Is it possible to post to my storyline without notifying anyone? 

No. It is not possible to override the notification behavior of storyline. Remember that following is an elective activity done by the follower. They are interested to know when you share something new. Users that don’t follow will not receive any notifications unless you specifically @mention them. 

How do I manage files uploaded to storyline posts and stories?  

Edit documents and rich media uploaded to posts using the storyline interface. To learn more storyline files management, please visit the admin documentation.  

Getting started with storyline 

Storyline is a new feature of Microsoft Viva that also appears in Yammer, Teams and Outlook. To get started: 

  1. Visit your storyline from Yammer or the Viva Engage app (in Teams and Outlook). Click your name at the top of the left navigation.

  2. You can create posts from your storyline or in Outlook you can click the New menu, then click Post.

  3. Start following others in your organization and across the company. Click Follow in someone’s storyline post or on their storyline.

  4. Your colleagues might not be following you yet. Build followers by sharing your storyline post to the places they work: share your post to a community from the Share menu, or copy a link to share in email, Teams channel or chat.

People’s reactions, comments and discussions are part of your post, regardless of which apps they use. So you can engage and view insights in one place. 

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