Partners: Find and assist clients

Note:  This feature is available only to Microsoft Cloud Partners who are authorized to offer delegated administration, and to authorized service providers.

This feature is only available to partners who manage 100 or more clients. If you manage fewer than 100 clients, see Partners: Managing clients.

As an authorized Microsoft Cloud Partner Microsoft 365 can help you build your list of clients by maintaining a database that tracks your client details. You can assist your clients with administrative tasks such as administering their accounts, creating and submitting service requests, and resetting passwords.

When you want to provide assistance to a client, search for the client’s account by using their user name or domain name. If you are a delegated administrator for your client’s account, you can search for any domain name that is associated with the account.

To search for and assist a client

  1. On the Partner Overview page, click Look up user or domain.

  2. When prompted, type the complete user name (such as or the domain name (such as

Note:  The name you type must be an exact match, including the complete email address for users. You can’t use a partial name or wildcard characters to search for a client.

  1. Click Next.

  2. On the User and domain lookup page, click the link for the action you want.



Administer on behalf of

Opens your client’s Microsoft 365 account so you can complete delegated administration tasks for them. This option is displayed only when your client has authorized you to be a delegated administrator.

Create service request

Opens a service request on behalf of your client.

Show all administrators

Displays a list of all administrators for your client’s company.

Reset password

Resets the password for your client’s user ID. If you have limited administrator permissions, you can reset passwords only for end users and password administrators.

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