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Team members of a team with a Planner tab will receive a Teams notification when a Planner task is assigned to them by another person.

Where does this notification appear and what does it contain?

The Teams notification for Planner appears in the Teams Activity Feed and in Chat. It contains the task title, who assigned you the task, the plan the task belongs to, and a link to open the task details in Teams. You can see a record of past Teams notifications in the chat conversation with Planner.

Are there any conditions to keep in mind for Planner Teams notifications?

The Teams notification for Planner appears only for plans that have a Planner tab in Teams. If the task assignment takes place in a plan that does not have a Planner tab in Teams, no notification is sent. If the task assignment action occurs outside of Teams (for example, in Planner for the web or the Planner mobile apps) but occurs for a plan with a Planner tab in Teams, a Teams notification will be sent to the assignee.

Users will continue to receive task assignment email and mobile push notifications in addition to this Teams notification.

How can I stop Planner notifications in Teams?

If an individual doesn't want to receive Teams notifications for Planner task assignments, you can mute the Planner bot or block the bot to stop all incoming Teams notifications. To do this, on the Chat page, right-click the Planner bot and choose either Mute or Block bot conversation.

Admins who want to disable Planner Teams notifications can disable the Planner app for Teams. If you want to disable only the Planner Teams notifications, but leave the Planner app enabled, please contact Office support.

How does Planner deliver notifications in Teams?

A Planner bot will be added to teams which have Planner installed, and audit logs will show the bot as being added by "Microsoft Teams Services" on behalf of the team owner. The only purpose of the bot is to send a notification to a specific user when a task is assigned to them by another person. Users can't interact with this bot in any other way.

What can I do if I’m having issues receiving Planner notifications in Teams?

If you are not seeing Planner notifications in Teams for your team, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the Planner app for your team to ensure the Planner bot is added to your team.

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