Provide informed prompt customer service

Provide informed prompt customer service

Firstline Workers, who interact with customers daily, need to have questions answered quickly to ensure quality customer service. You need a way for different groups to communicate in real time, access and share company-approved documents, and get expert advice from across the organization.

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Get immediate answers from coworkers in Microsoft Teams. You can see everyone’s status so you know who’s available. Use chat or audio and video calls to get answers to questions in real time or use @mentions to let someone know you need their immediate attention. 

Make it easy for everyone to access customer-facing documents, like price lists or return policies, by storing them in SharePoint. This keeps files secure and easy to find, so the right information is always available. 

Learn more about a specific product or service by connecting with people across your organization on Yammer, an enterprise social network. Invite experts or specialists to a new Group and start a conversation to learn more about a specific topic, so you’ll be informed and knowledgeable when talking with customers.


  • Store customer-facing product information in a central location.

  • Get answers from your coworkers in real time.

  • Connect with product experts across the company.

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