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Recommend and manage content

Viva Learning (Preview) creates a central hub for learning in Teams where employees can search, share, and recommend courses from content libraries and easily navigate to the relevant learning. The goal is to help Learners, Experts, Managers or anyone in the company in sharing or recommending learning resources from the company learning library to individuals, colleagues in order to increase effectiveness and productivity.  

Recommend learning content 

  1. In the top bar, select Recommend.

    On the Manage tab, select Recommend

  2. Select one or more users (50 maximum).

    Select who you want to recommend the learning to

  3. Add an optional Note.

  4. Select an optional Due date.

  5. Select Recommend.

View and manage recommendations made by you

You can view and manage all of your recommendations in the Manage tab.

  1. Select the Manage tab.
    By default, only a few recommendations show. Select See more to see all recommendations.

    Select Manage to go to the Manage tab to view and recommend learning

  2. To see progress on recommended learning, select ... then Check status.

    Select ... Check status to see if recommended learning is Not started, In progress, or Completed

  3. To delete a recommendation, select ... then Delete.
    Once deleted, the recommendation is removed from the receiver's view regardless of completion status.

    Select ... then Delete to delete a learning recommendation

View content recommended to you

There are multiple ways to view content recommended to you.

  • Teams sends you a notification. Select the notification to open the learning content.

    Users receive a Teams notification when learning is recommended to them

  • View recommendations in the Teams activity feed. Select the recommendation to open the learning content.

    Recommended learning shows in your Teams Activity Feed

  • View recommendations on the My Learning page. Select the My Learning tab to see recommendations.

Act on content recommended to you

  • View the Recommended by, Due date, and details.

  • Hover over the recommendation card to see the recommender(s) and a Note if added.

    Hover over the recommendation card to see who recommended the learning and a note about the learning

Update the completion status

  • Select the completion status to change the status.

    Select the completion status to change the status to Not started, In progress, or Completed


  • You can change the status to In progress or Completed. You do not have to select In progress before selecting Complete.

  • You can change the status from Complete back to Not started or In Progress while still on that screen. However, if you exit the screen, you will not be able to come back and change it.

  • After you mark learning Complete and exit the screen, the learning disappears from your list of recommended learning.

Error messages

  • You cannot recommend learning to a user if you have already recommended that learning to the user and the user has not completed the learning.

  • You cannot recommend learning to more than 50 users.

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