After you install OneNote on your Android phone, you'll see the OneNote badge appear on the Home screen. It's a great way to take a note quickly without opening OneNote. Simply tap the badge and add a note to one of your OneNote pages.

The badge appears in two locations:

  • On the right edge of your phone that stays partially hidden and on top of all apps. Simply tap the badge while working in any app to write a quick note.

  • On the Home screens like other apps and widgets. From a Home screen, tap the badge and write a note.

Screenshot of the Android homescreen with OneNote badge.

Remove the badge from the right edge

You can prevent the badge from appearing on the right edge of your phone screen so that it doesn't appear on top of other apps.

  1. Press and hold the badge until the Remove icon ( X ) appears on the bottom of the phone's screen.

  2. While still pressing the badge, drag it over the Remove icon. When you release your finger, the badge will be gone.

    Note: Keep in mind that removing the badge on the right edge doesn't remove any other badges that have been added to the Home screens, which can be removed in the next section.

Remove the badge from the Home screens

For those badges that appear on the Home screens but don't appear on the right edge of your phone, these can be removed the same way as other apps or widgets are removed.

  1. Press and hold the badge until a short menu appears.

  2. Tap Remove.

Add the badge

You can add the badge back to your Home screens at any time.

  1. Open OneNote, and then on the bottom left, tap Notebooks.

  2. Tap the ellipsis icon ( ... ) located in the upper right.

  3. Tap Settings.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To add the badge so that it appears on the right edge of your phone and on top of other apps, tap OneNote badge. The badge will appear on the right edge, and a notification will also be added to your phone's notification area to remind you that the badge is currently available.

    • To add a badge to the Home screens so that it doesn't appear over other apps, tap Add OneNote badge to the Home screen.

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