Search companies from Bing in Outlook Customer Manager

When creating a new company in Outlook Customer Manager, you can search for the company using Bing. This feature can save you time from entering all of the company details manually. 

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Search Bing when creating a new company

When you create a new company, start typing the company name in the Name field. Outlook Customer Manager will display a drop-down showing existing companies as well as an option to Search companies from Bing.

Once you choose Search companies from Bing, Outlook Customer Manager queries Bing anonymously.

Note: No user-specific information is sent to Bing, but Microsoft may use the keyword and the search results to improve its services. For more information, see the Microsoft Privacy Policy.

Bing returns a list of potential company matches compiled from a variety of sources. In addition to the company name, other details such as website, business address, and brief company description may be included. Bing and Outlook Customer Manager don't guarantee the accuracy of the information.

All available company details are transferred to Outlook Customer Manager. You can edit any of the information before saving the company. 

Note: While the company information is added to Outlook Customer Manager automatically, it isn't updated if any of the information changes. All updates must be done manually.

The ability to search companies from Bing is currently a preview feature to English (US) users only and may be expanded into additional languages in the future.

Learn more about Outlook Customer Manager

If you have questions about Outlook Customer Manager or want to browse all of our documentation on the product, see Outlook Customer Manager FAQ.

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