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Yammer makes it easy to engage with others, and keep the conversation going wherever you are.

Like a post

Acknowledge someone’s point, agree with an idea, or show that what they’re saying is helpful.

  • Select LIKE.

Reply to a post

Add you insights or ask a question.

  1. Select REPLY and write a response.

  2. @mention people who can contribute to the conversation or would find it useful.

  3. Notify additional people if you like.

  4. Select Post.

Share a post

  1. Select SHARE.

  2. Select Post in Group or Send Private Message.

  3. Select a group.

  4. Type a message, and then select Share.

Post an update

  1. Select Update and type a message.

  2. @mention people who'll find the post helpful or interesting. Or, use a hashtag on topics relevant to the message so others discover it.

  3. Upload videos, photos, and documents to your post for context and collaboration. Or, add a GIF to help emphasize your message.

Attach files to your update

  1. Select where you'd like add a file from: your computer, SharePoint, or Yammer.

  2. Go to your file, select it, and then select Open.

  3. Select Post to share the update.

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