Start a new chat

Starting new chat with a friend or a group is simple in Teams for your personal life. 

To start a new chat: 

  1. Select the New Chat  New chat button  button.

  2. Type the name, email address, or phone number of the person with whom you want to chat in the To: field. 

    Tip: If you can’t find the person you want to add to the chat, try syncing your device contacts. If you still can’t find them, you can invite them to Teams

  3. Select the person in the list of Suggestions or Contacts to start a chat.

  4. You can add more people to the chat by typing more names, email addresses, or phone numbers into the To: field.

  5. Type in the Type a new message window and select the Send icon Send message icon in Teams  to send a message in the chat.

Once you’re in a chat, you can use @mentions to get someone’s attention in the chat. Learn more about using mentions to get someone’s attention in a chat

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