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Topics in Microsoft apps and services apply only to work or school accounts. 

Topics are terms that you can add to your profile through your profile card or Delve. You can add topics to your profile and make it easier for people to learn more about you. Topics can be skills, projects, and even hobbies. When others search for a term that matches a topic on your profile, your name and profile picture may show up in search results across Microsoft apps and services.

View your topics

Note: If your work or school administrator has disabled certain information on your profile, some topics may not show in Delve or SharePoint.

Topics you add to your profile can show in:

  • Your profile card (under OverviewAsk me about)

  • Your profile in Delve (under Skills and Expertise > You can also ask me about)

  • Search results in SharePoint

Add a topic to your profile card

  1.  Select your name or profile picture in a Microsoft app. For example, Outlook on the web. 

  2. On your profile card, go to the Overview tab and select Update topics.

  3. Type a topic and press Enter to save.

Add a topic to your profile in Delve

Note: When you add or delete a topic through your Delve profile, it may take up to 72 hours for topic changes to show up in other Microsoft apps.

  1. Go to Delve > Me > Update profile

  2. Select Edit profile.

  3. Scroll down to You can also ask me about.

  4. Add topics in the text box field and press Enter to save. You can also select the +Add topic button to save.

Delete a topic

To delete a topic, select the X next to the topic. It may take up to a few days before the changes reflect across all Microsoft apps and services.

Learn more about a topic

When you select a topic on a profile, Microsoft Search will open a new tab, search for the topic/term across your organization, and display any matching results.

I'm an Admin

If your organization has a closed term set for “responsibilities”, also known as topics, the setting of that term set doesn’t apply to topics shown on profile cards. To disable topics on profile cards, please contact Microsoft support.

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