Tree node shapes

There are two tree node shapes on the Common Controls stencil: Tree node (top level) and Tree node (child). To build a tree structure, connect child shapes to top level shapes.

Tree node (top level)

There are three connection points Connection point image - blue X on the Tree node (top level) shape. One for a sibling node, one for a child node, and one for a Small icons shape.

connection point for sibling node.

Connect a Tree node (child) shape to this connection point to create a sibling node.

Connection point for child node.

Connect a Tree node (child) shape to this connection point to create a child node.

Connection point for icon.

Connect a Small icons shape to this connection point to add an icon to the node.

Tree node (child)

The Tree node (child) shape has extension lines that trace a path to the nodes they're connected to. Use the control handle Control handle image - yellow diamond to extend the lines.

Tree node (child) shape connected to a top level shape.

Callout 1 Extension lines trace the path from child node to top-level node.

Callout 2 Control handle for extending lines.

Special features

  • To adjust the spacing between two nodes, select one of the shapes and drag the control handle.

  • To hide or show the branch lines, right-click the shape and click Show Branch Lines.

    Note: If you don't see the branch lines in your drawing, try turning off the grid by clicking Grid on the View menu.

Right-click commands

  • Collapsed (+) indicates that there are nodes hidden under this one.

  • Expanded (-) indicates that all the nodes directly under this one are visible.

  • Non-expanded (no +/-) indicates that there are no nodes under this one.

  • Make Room for Icon leaves room to glue a Small icon shape to the connection point directly left of the node.

  • Show Branch Lines hides or shows the faint lines that connect the child shapes to the top-level shapes.


    • If there isn't room for an icon or you don't see the connection point, right-click the shape and check the Make Room for Icon box.

    • If the tree node is Expanded (-), choose an Open folder for the node. If it's Collapsed (+), choose a Closed folder.

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