Troubleshoot pictures and imported graphics

I can't rotate a graphic

Only drawing objects can be flipped or rotated. If you can convert an object to a drawing object by ungrouping it and then grouping it again, you can flip or rotate it. You can't convert a bitmap to a drawing object.

  • To convert an object, select it, click Ungroup on the Draw menu (Drawing toolbar), and then click Group.

  • If you can't convert the object, open it in another drawing program, rotate it there, and then save it. When you reopen it in Microsoft Graph, it will appear rotated.

A graphic won't import

You might not have the right graphics filter installed in the correct folder, or the filter might be corrupted. Remove and then reinstall the filter.

The AutoShape, Text Box, Picture, WordArt, or Object command isn't on the Format menu.

The AutoShape, Text Box, Picture, WordArt, or Object command is available only if you've first selected the drawing object, text box, imported graphic, text effect, picture, or other object you want to format.

I can't change the color of some parts of a picture.

Try ungrouping the image, and then use the tools on the Drawing toolbar to change the colors.

I can't ungroup an imported picture.

The image is a bitmap, which can't be ungrouped and converted to a drawing object.

You can change the bitmap image in an imaging program. For example — to flip or rotate a bitmap image, open it in a program such as Microsoft Photo Editor, flip or rotate it, copy it, and then paste it into the Microsoft Graph chart.

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