Using Microsoft To Do with

If you're logging in to with a personal Microsoft account, then you can simply click the check mark icon to access Microsoft To Do directly from the tasks pane on 

Please know, however, that Microsoft To Do does not currently support certain features available in Outlook Tasks, like the start and end dates, task status, task completion percentage, priority levels, task work hours, task colors, or the option to format text in notes. If you would prefer to use these features, you can access Outlook Tasks in the tasks pane by toggling The new Tasks off in the top right corner. 

A screenshot showing The new Tasks toggle set to on

Our task pane is becoming available to users on in stages. If you don't yet see the feature on, please bear with us while we work to bring it you.

Please note that this is currently only available for users logging in with a personal Microsoft account on We do, however, plan to bring this functionality to work and school accounts as well as other platforms in the future. 

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