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Adjust document spacing

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To adjust the spacing throughout a document, click Design > Paragraph Spacing. And under Built-In, point to the various options for a preview of what’s available.

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Line spacing

I've put the final touches on my resume and now I want to adjust the spacing throughout the document.

On the DESIGN tab, I look for Document Formatting

and I click Paragraph Spacing.

Under Built-In, I can point to the various options to see what's available,

for example, I can choose No Paragraph Space.

I can see from this tool-tip that this optional will change the text in my document

to single-spacing and it will remove any Before or After paragraph spacing.

Pointing to the various options gives me this tool-tip and it also

changes my document. I can actually see how choosing this option

will adjust the spacing throughout the document,

for example, I can try Tight to see how that looks.

When I click the selection, my document updates. If I don't like the way it looks,

I can go back and change it or I can press

Ctrl+Z to undo the changes.

One more thing, under Style Set,

I can see the style-set that's in use for this document. Right now, this

document is using the Default style-set. Pointing to the Style Set option

displayed here will show me what happens to the spacing if I re-apply the style.

This is a fast way to revert.

To learn more about line and paragraph spacing, check out the course summary or give it a try.

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