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Top tips for working in Excel for the web
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Top tips for working in Excel for the web

Top tips for working in Excel for the web

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Use Excel for the web to change the formatting of numbers and text to help make your information stand out.

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Top tips for working in Excel Online

When your Excel Web App worksheet is a crowd of data, changing the formatting of numbers and text can help make information stand out.

Let's look at three ways to make this worksheet easier to read with formatting.

One way is to change how the text or numbers in cells look, by changing font style, size or color.

Column or row titles are a great place for this.

Select the cells you want to change and use the Font options on the Home tab.

Here I'll make the column titles bold, and change the font.

And then the font size.

My column titles will pop even more with different background and text colors.

I click Fill Color and choose this blue color.

Then I click Font Color and choose this white color.

Another way to format information in Excel Web App is with text alignment.

In my worksheet, I notice that some of the cells are aligned to the right, and others to the left.

My worksheet will look better and read more clearly if all my cells are aligned the same way.

I select all the columns in my spreadsheet, and click Align Text Left.

The text in one of my column titles is a little long – some of the text is cut off.

To make the text easier to read, I select the cell and click Wrap Text.

The text wraps so the entire column title is now visible.

A third way to help add clarity and readability to your worksheet is by formatting the way the numbers appear.

This column has dates that use different formats.

I want them all to look the same, so I select the column, and click Number Format.

I'd like my dates to include the weekday, so I click Long Date.

I can also change the way currency is shown.

I select the Sales Amount column, click Number Format, and click Currency.

I'm done making changes to my worksheet, but I don't need to manually save my updates.

That's because Excel Web App automatically saves my changes for me.

Now that my worksheet looks the way I want it, it's time to crunch the numbers.

In the next video we'll show how to add numbers in Excel Web App.

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