View or change the properties of a PowerPoint for Mac file

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Document properties, also known as metadata, are details about a file that describe or identify it. Properties in PowerPoint for macOS include details such as file size and location, title, author name, subject, file content information, and modification statistics.

Some hidden data, such as Title, Author, Keywords, and custom properties, can be edited or removed.

To open the Properties dialog box, click File > Properties.

View General properties

The General tab of the Properties dialog box includes basic document information, including the file name, current location on your computer, file size, date created and date modified, and whether the file is read-only.

General tab

View or edit Summary properties

The Summary tab of the Properties dialog box includes file information that you can add, edit, or delete, including Title, Subject, Author, and others.

Summary tab

View document Statistics

The Statistics tab of the Properties dialog box includes the dates the document was created, modified, printed, and last saved, the number of revisions, the total editing time, and slide content information such as number of slides and word count.

Statistics tab

View document Content

The Content tab of the Properties dialog box includes presentation information, such as fonts and themes used and slide titles.

Content tab

View or edit Custom properties

The Custom tab of the Properties dialog box includes a variety of optional customizable property fields that you can add and edit, such as Department, Publisher, and Status. Add a field name in the Name box by typing a name or choosing from the list, choose a field type (such as Text, Date, or Number), enter a value for your property, and then click Add.

Custom tab

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