After a workflow is started on a document or item, you can use the Workflow Status page to monitor the progress of the workflow on that document or item.

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Learn about the Workflow Status page

The Workflow Status page provides the following information and options:

  • Name of the person who started the workflow.

  • Date and time the workflow started.

  • Date and time the workflow was last run.

  • Name and link to the document or item involved in the workflow.

  • Current status of the workflow.

  • The option to terminate the workflow. For example, if a workflow does not appear to be working, you might terminate it. The status of the workflow will be set to Canceled.

  • List of tasks assigned to the workflow participants.

  • Lists of all of the events that have occurred in the history of the workflow thus far (for example, workflow initiation, task creation, task completion).

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View the workflow status

You can go to the Workflow Status page directly from the list or library where the document or item involved in the workflow is saved.

  1. If the list or library that contains the item for which you want to view the workflow status is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch.

    If the name of your list or library does not appear, in the Site Actions menu, click View All Site Content, and then click the name of your list or library.

  2. Point to the document or item that is involved in the workflow, click the arrow that appears, and then click Workflows.

  3. Under Running Workflows, click the name of the workflow for which you want to view the status.

  4. On the Workflow Status page, view the information about the workflow.

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