Viewing SharePoint start page with Microsoft Graph turned off

Viewing SharePoint start page with Microsoft Graph turned off

The SharePoint start page uses Microsoft Graph and Delve to make it easier for you to find information relevant to you. Together, these services use data driven technology to personalize the viewing experience by surfacing relevant content in the SharePoint start page. When turned on, you'll see site and page suggestions that might interest you based on your viewing history and interaction with others in your organization.

How do I know if Microsoft Graph is turned off?

By default, Microsoft Graph is turned on for SharePoint. When you visit the SharePoint start page and Microsoft Graph is turned off, you'll see the following message:

"You’re seeing a limited version of this page because    Microsoft Graph is turned off or it’s not available."   

If Microsoft Graph is turned off, you will not see Frequent sites, Recent sites, or Suggested sites. You will also notice that the left hand panel does not display the fields Featured links or Save for later.

Can I turn Microsoft Graph off?

You can not turn off Microsoft Graph but you can turn off "Item insights in Microsoft Graph" using privacy controls in Delve. Using Delve, you can choose to not include your documents with suggestions.

To turn off document usage in Delve, follow these steps:

  1. Open Delve from your Microsoft 365 start page.

  2. Click Settings Office 365 Settings button , and then click Feature settings.

  3. Under Feature settings, you can disable your documents from showing in Delve.

Microsoft Graph is enabled or disabled for your entire organization through the SharePoint Admin center. If you're an admin, see Delve for Microsoft 365 admins for more info.

Both Delve and SharePoint use Microsoft Graph and there isn't a way to allow the Microsoft Graph to be on for one and not the other. To learn more about Delve, see What is Microsoft Delve?

I want to turn Microsoft Graph on or off for my organization

Site owners, members, and visitors cannot change Microsoft Graph or Delve settings. This is something only your organization's administrator can do. It's controlled through the SharePoint in Microsoft 365 admin center.

If you are the SharePoint admin, see Delve for Microsoft 365 admins. If you're not an admin, contact your admin and share the same link.

Microsoft Graph is on, but I still see this message

If you verified that Microsoft Graph is on and you still see this message, it is possible that SharePoint was unable to connect to Microsoft Graph service. This is typically a temporary problem, so please try again later. If the problem doesn't go away, contact see Get help and support for support options available to you.

Additional resources

To learn more about SharePoint start page experience, see Discover content with the SharePoint start page.

To learn more about the Microsoft Graph see Microsoft Delve for Microsoft 365 admins.

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